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Mark Ashley studied Fine Art at Marlborough College and Architecture at Bristol University. He has also worked with Richard Shirley Smith on several of his prestigious murals such as the Guardian Royal Exchange and Kensington Palace Gardens. Since then he has completed 20 other trompe l'oeil & murals for clients including Harrods, the Rothschilds and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Other projects include all kinds of faux paint finishes, interior design, garden and grotto design, canvas commissions, illustration for film and antique art restoration. After moving to Japan in 2000 he was invited to exhibit at Tachikawa City Hall, Tokyo, and has had 3 other exhibitions in Japan of his own paintings, drawings and prints.

The MA English Art School opened in Tachikawa in 2004.

For information on viewing or purchasing pictures please contact the artist at his studio.

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